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Randil is Nicorandil 20mg; a Potassium channel opener with nitrate effects.
Randil relieves symptoms & improves prognosis in patients with angina.
Randil offers both hemodynamic and metabolic cardiovascular benefits.
Randil showed anti-ischemic & Cardioprotective benefits for a wide range of CAD patients with different risk factors.
Randil is recommended in ESC 2006 guidelines for the management of stable angina in Class I and Class IIa.
Randil's starting dose is half a tablet twice daily, and its usual maintenance dose is one tablet (20mg) twice daily.

For more details, you can follow these links:
Product insert         Mechanism         JCAD study        ESC guidelines


Cairo CME session 2

Have a look at the photos & presentation of Adwia's second CME meeting in Alsarayah boat, Cairo:
"Problem solving in Cardiovascular risk"

Prof. Dr Ezz Adin AlSawy (Azhar Univ.).
Prof. Dr Wafaa AlArosy (Cairo Univ.).
Prof. Dr Soliman Ghareeb (Cairo Univ.).
Prof. Dr Omar Awwad (Ain Shams Univ.).

You can download the PDF presentation HERE.

With the compliments of Adwia


Randil & Menia University, Tut hotel

Have a look at the photos & presentation of Adwia's meeting in Menia, Tut hotel.

"The unmet needs in the management of Angina"

Meeting panel:
Prof. Dr Naser Taha (Menia Univ.).
Prof. Dr Omar Awwad (Ain Shams Univ.).

With the compliments of Adwia


Randil, the first Nicorandil in the military hospitals' drug tender

Have a look at the photos & presentation of Adwia's meeting with Cardiologists of military hospitals in Four seasons hotel, Cairo:

"Randil, more benefits in angina management"

Chairman: Prof. Dr Sayed Abd AlHafeez.
Speaker: Prof. Dr Sameh Emil.
You can download the PDF presentation from this LINK.

Randil has 6 years of experience in Egypt, and is the first Nicorandil to be introduced into the military hospitals' drug tender.

The meeting was attended by a bouquet of Cardiologists affiliated to a variety of hospitals;
Dr Sayed Abd AlHafeez:
Dr Sameh Emil:
 Dr Alaa Hataba:
 Dr Khaled Shokr:
Dr Ameen Fouad:
 Dr Mohamed Said:


Coronary artery aneurysms in Kawasaki disease

Know more about Adwia's sponsored scientific day in the department of Cardiology, Cairo University:
“Coronary artery aneurysms in Kawasaki disease”
With the American speaker;
Jane Burns, M.D.
Director of Kawasaki disease research center,
Professor and Chief, Division of Allergy and Immunology,
Univ. of California, San Diego School of Medicine

Meeting directors and chairpersons:
Prof. Dr Galal AlSaeed.
Prof. Dr Hussien Rizk.
Prof. Dr Wafaa Alarosy.
Prof. Dr Soliman Ghareeb.

You can download the presentations here (uploaded after Dr Jane’s permission):


The hidden effects of Randil in angina patients with diabetes

Know more about the hidden effects of Randil in angina patients with diabetes, through the lecture of:
Dr Ahmed Aglan; MD, Critical Care, Alexandria University:

"K channel openers"

You can download a PDF format of the presentation here:

This was during Adwia's meeting in Hilton Green Plaza, Alexandria;


Effects of Nicorandil (Randil) in the JCAD study

A 3 minutes video showing a part of a lecture by Prof. Dr. Mohsen Ibrahim, briefing the effects of Nicorandil (Randil) in the Japanese Coronary Artery Disease (JCAD) study.
During Adwia's CVS meeting, Azur hotel:


The Egyptian Cardiovascular Experiences .. Luxor

Find out the documented Egyptian Cardiovascular experiences on Adwia products; Randil & Myogrel, during Adwia's meeting, Luxor;
Chairmen:   Dr Sherif Mokhtar, Professor of Cardiology, Cairo University.
      Dr Ahmed Abd AlLateef, Professor of Cardiology, Al-Azhar University.
Speakers:   Dr Mohsen Ibrahim, Professor of Cardiology, Cairo University.
      Dr Nabil Farag, Professor of Cardiology, Ain Shams University.
You can check the presentations a of the meeting here:

Here are sample photos for the meeting:


Prof. Dr Wagdy Ayyad's brief on Nicorandil

A brief on the benefits of Nicorandil (Randil) by Dr Wagdy Ayyad, Professor of Cardiology, Alexandria University, during Adwia's Cardiovascular meeting, Azur hotel:


Randil's benefits in Angina patients with diabetes.

The photos and the presentation of Adwia's meeting, Marriott hotel, Cairo;
"Diabetes a major Cardiovascular risk factor,
Nicorandil a new step in the treatment of Angina patients with diabetes". 
Chairman: Dr Soliman Ghareeb, Professor of Cardiology, Cairo University.
Speaker: Dr Asem Zeyada, Professor of Endocrinology, Cairo University.
Dr Asem discussed the extra benefits offered by Randil, over nitrates, in the management of angina with diabetes; Randil (Nicorandil) is proven to improve prognosis in CAD, in addition to relieving symptoms.
View presentation:


Randil, the Egyptian experience, by Prof. Dr Mohsen Ibrahim.

Part of a lecture by Dr Mohsen Ibrahim, Prof. of Cardiology, Cairo University, describing his experience with Randil (20mg Nicorandil) on 300 Egyptian CAD patients.
During Adwia's CVS meeting, Azur hotel, Alexandria:
Chairman of the meeting was Prof. Dr Wagdy Ayyad, Alexandria University.


Nicorandil by Dr Wafaa AlArousy

A 5 minutes video, of a lecture of Dr Wafaa AlArousy, Professor of Cardiology, Cairo University, talking about the mechanism of action of Nicorandil (Randil); a Potassium channel opener with nitrate effects.
Chairman of the meeting was Dr m. Aziz Madkour, Professor of Cardiology, Azhar University.


Randil's symposium in CardioEgypt

A group of photos showing Adwia's symposium in CardioEgypt; 

"Modern trends in the management of Angina"
"The Egyptian Experience in Nicorandil"
The meeting was honored by the attendance of more than 200 doctors.
Chairman: Dr Mahmoud Hasaneen, Prof. of Cardiology, Alexandria University.
Speaker: Dr Mohsen Ibrahim, Prof. of Cardiology, Cairo University.


Randil's mechanism of action

Part of a lecture by Dr Ramez Sam, MD Cardiology, on Randil's (Nicorandil) mechanism of action, as a Potassium channel opener with Nitrate moiety. Showing anti-ischemic and cardioprotective benefits.